SUMMA Text Summarization (ES)

The SUMMA Text Summarization (ES) uses the SUMMA toolkit developed by Horacio Saggion to provide a generic Spanish document summarizer. This specific pipeline uses Part-of-Speech and TF.IDF scoring to produce the summary.

The sentences selected to form the summarization. The following features are produced:
the score assigned to the sentence during summarization
1,200 free requests / day
Larger batches GBP0.80 / CPU hour

Use this pipeline

Single documents

You can process up to 1,200 documents per day free of charge using the REST API, at an average rate of 2 documents/sec. Higher quotas are available for research users by arrangement, contact us for details.

The API endpoint for this pipeline is:

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Batches of documents

You can process any amount of data with this pipeline on a pay-as-you-go basis, for GBP0.80 per hour. This can be data you upload yourself, data you collected from Twitter, or the results of a previous job.

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