Tweet Stance Classification

An application that classifies a reply to a tweet based on it's stance to the original. Possible stances are; support, deny, query, and comment. Note that the iput to this application should be document containing the official Twitter JSON of both the original tweet and the replies you wish to classify. Both the reply and the original tweet must be present for the application to work, and you can provide as many tweets as you like (multiple replies to a single tweet, or multiple tweet/reply pairs etc.). If using the REST API documents should be sent as text/plain to avoid the JSON being parsed by GATE Cloud prior to the application running.

Default annotations
:TweetStance Each reply (for which the original tweet is supplied) is annotated by the application. Each annotation has the following features:
  • tweet_id, the ID of this tweet
  • in_reply_to, the ID of the tweet this one is in reply to
  • stance_class, the assigned stance class (one of support, deny, query, or comment)
  • support-score, the support score (all four scores add to 1)
  • deny-score, the deny score (all four scores add to 1)
  • query-score, the query score (all four scores add to 1)
  • comment-score, the comment score (all four scores add to 1)
1,200 free requests / day
Larger batches GBP0.80 / CPU hour

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You can process up to 1,200 documents per day free of charge using the REST API, at an average rate of 2 documents/sec. Higher quotas are available for research users by arrangement, contact us for details.

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Batches of documents

You can process any amount of data with this pipeline on a pay-as-you-go basis, for GBP0.80 per hour. This can be data you upload yourself, data you collected from Twitter, or the results of a previous job.

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