Multilingual News Topic Classifier

This multilingual classifier is capable of identifying common news topics in 104 languages, but it will perform the best on the six languages for which it was trained on: English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian.

It is developed as part of the EDMO Ireland project and is based on our submission to the SemEval 2023 Task 3, where it performed the best on English data.

The classifier recognises 9 topic categories:

  • Economy and Resources
  • Religious, Ethical and Cultural
  • Fairness, Equality and Rights
  • Law and Justice System
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Security, Defense and Well-being
  • Health and Safety
  • Politics
  • International Relations

The maximum input document length is 512 words. This means that any text following the first 512 words will be ignored by the classifier.

Default annotations
Each news topic annotation has a score that represents the probability assigned to the label by the classifier.
News topic Definition
:Economy_and_Resources costs, benefits or other financial implications; availability of physical, human or financial resources, and capacity of current systems
:Religious_Ethical_and_Cultural religious or ethical implications; traditions, customs or values in relation to a policy issue
:Fairness_Equality_and_Rights balance or distribution of rights, responsibilities, and resources
:Law_and_Justice_System rights, freedoms, and authority of individuals, corporations, and government
:Crime_and_Punishment effectiveness and implications of laws and their enforcement
:Security_Defense_and_Well_being threats to welfare of the individual, community, or nation; threats and opportunities for the individual’s wealth, happiness, and well-being
:Health_and_Safety health care, sanitation, public safety
:Politics considerations related to politics and politicians, including lobbying, elections, and attempts to sway voters; attitudes and opinions of the general public, including polling and demographics; specific politics aimed at addressing problems
:International_Relations international reputation or foreign policy
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