Journalist Safety Analyser

An application to recognise information related to descriptions of violations against journalists such as killings, threats etc. It indicates the kind of event(s) that took place, the names and other characteristics of journalists involved (such as their job role, organisation they work for) and other event details such as organisations involved, weapons used etc. It also matches the event types to codes from the HURIDOCS and ICCS classifications where relevant.

The application is designed for use on descriptions of events involving violations of journalist safety, such as those found in the text field describing the event in a monitoring database, or an accompanying news report.

Default annotations
:Event Events involving some kind of violation, such as killings, threats, torture etc. These have additional optional features:
  • kind, whose value is the kind of event, such as a killing
  • ICCScode, whose value is the code in the International Crime Classification Scheme (ICCS) that best matches the event.
  • HuridocsCode, whose value is the code in the Huridocs Microthesaurus that best matches the event.
  • HuridocsViolenceMethodCode, whose value is the code in the Huridocs Methods of Violence Microthesaurus that best matches the type of violence method, where relevant.
:Journalist Journalist roles, e.g. camera operator, reporter, etc., with the following additional optional features:
  • role, whose value is the reporter's role (e.g. reporter)
  • number, where there is mention of a specific number of journalists, the value of this number is given (e.g. "five journalists were killed")
:Perpetrator Terms that refer to potential perpetrators of an attack or threat, such as bombers, killers, terrorists, attackers.
:Allegation Phrases that refer to an allegation or claim (usually an alleged crime committed the journalist)
:MediaOrganization Names of media organizations (newspapers, radio and TV stations etc.)
:NGO Names of NGOs (e.g. ICFJ)
Additional annotations available if selected
:HuridocsTerm Terms listed in the Huridocs Index Terms Microthesaurus, e.g. security, legal, death/td>
:Person The name of any specific person mentioned (e.g. a journalist), and an optional feature denoting their gender
:Organization Organizations such as media companies, police, government institutions, schools, etc.
:Location Locations such as cities, countries, rivers etc.
:Date Dates and Times
:AllegationSentence The sentence containing the allegation, for more context
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