GATE Teamware 1.4 server

Web-based Collaborative Corpus Annotation and Curation

GATE Teamware is a tool to support distributed collaborative manual annotation of corpora via a Java user interface based on the GATE Developer document editor.


  • 10 GB data partition,
  • Two backups for the data partition,
  • Suitable for teams of up to 10 annotators working simultaneously.

System requirements

The GATE Teamware annotator GUI is a Java Web Start application, and annotators' machines must have a suitable version of Java that supports Java Web Start. GATE Teamware is compatible with Oracle Java version 8 (update 101 or later), 9 or 10 only - Java 11 and later are not supported as Oracle removed Java Web Start entirely in version 11.

Provided a suitable version of Java is installed, the annotator GUI will work out of the box on Windows and Mac OS X. For annotators using Linux a manual installation step is required, see the Oracle documentation for details.

GBP49.00 GBP4.99 + GBP0.15 / CPU hour