COVID-19 Vaccine Text Categoriser

A machine learning classifier trained to categorise COVID-19 vaccine text into 6 categories. These were

  • Liberty/Freedom
  • Development Provision and Access
  • Safety Efficacy and Necessity
  • Politics and Economics
  • Conspiracy
  • Morality Religiosity and Ethics

Default annotations
:Liberty_or_Freedom Text that belongs to Liberty/Freedom class
:Development_Provision_and_Access Text that belongs to Development_Provision and Access class
:Safety_Efficacy_and_Necessity Text that belongs to Safety Efficacy and Necessity class
:Politics_and_Economics Text that belongs to Politics_and_Economics class
:Conspiracy Text that belongs to Conspiracy class
:Morality_Religiosity_and_Ethics Text that belongs to Morality_Religiosity_and_Ethics class
:VaccineClass Detailed class information, include top 2 related classes and their scores
:Attention Most attentioned words
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