GATE Cloud Usage Terms

GATE is open source software. It is offered with no warranty.

GATE Cloud runs GATE software as a service in the cloud (e.g. Amazon's EC2). Whenever you use our service you are agreeing to the usage terms defined below.

1. Licencing

GATE software is licenced under LGPL, GPL or AGPL (see the Free Software Foundation and for details). GATE documentation and this website is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence. You must comply with these licences wherever they apply.

2. Confidentiality

Data that you submit for processing, GATE applications that you submit for processing data, and results obtained from processing are confidential, as are your account details.

We undertake to keep your all data confidential to the best of our abilities (including as appropriate: use of industrial strength public key encryption to protect access to all computational resources involved, overwrite of local disks after use, and the use of industry standard authentication and authorisation tools).

We will never sell or otherwise disclose information of any sort relating to our users to third parties without your explicit advance consent.

You undertake that information you supply to us has no additional special duties of confidentiality attached to it (for which a separate agreement would have to be made, explicitly and in advance).

3. Payments

All payments are made in advance. We undertake to use your payments always and only for the services available as documented on GATE Cloud. In any case where the results are not as you expected them we undertake to investigate and make a fair assessment of any refund that may be applicable. We cannot refund payments that have been used to purchase cloud compute resources in any cases in which there was no clear defect in our service.

4. Legalese

We and you both agree to be bound by any applicable laws relating to the provision of this service, as defined in the UK and EU as appropriate.

You agree that any damages that might arise from misuse of the service and/or associated data and/or associated software and/or GATE applications pipelines are your responsibility and that you indemnify us for any costs that we might incur as a result of negligence in this respect.

You agree that any taxes relating to products and services that you may supply that use this service are your responsibility (and that such resale must conform to the licencing terms as above).

You agree that you will not use this service in any manner that results in breach of copyright.

You agree to notify us immediately of any violation of these terms that you become aware of.

5. And finally...

You agree to have a good day, lawyers permitting.