Text Analytics-as-a-Service

Welcome to GATE Cloud – the home of affordable text analytics solutions from the world-leading open source GATE platform. Collect and/or process documents and social media, using freemium pre-packaged annotation services, or scale out and run your own GATE pipeline on millions of documents. View and export the results in structured formats, or run your own private instance of our highly scalable GATE Mímir semantic search platform.

Free Semantic Text Analysis APIs

Analyse documents for free with our multilingual, multi-domain web services. Up to 1,200 calls per day are free, with on-demand, higher quotas for researchers. Get your free API key today.

On-demand, Large-Scale Text Analytics

Highly scalable, on-demand processing of large document batches with our cloud-backed, pay-per-use annotation jobs. Available on all our pre-packaged text analytics services or upload your own GATE pipeline.

Customised services and local cloud deployments

We offer development and/or hosting of customised text analytics pipelines, as well as local cloud deployments for processing of sensitive data. Contact us for details.